Back to writing music!

Writing new material

It’s been a while since I last finished writing a song. But for some reason, maybe because I moved down south in Hampshire, maybe because I stepped into a new experience.

Something happened to me that turned that switch back on. I am writing music again. and I can’t wait to share it with you.

During this last month I happen to write songs about love, about moving to the sea, about life’s reflection. It is nice to be inspired and motivates by what’s happening around you. It is always nice to translate your vision and emotions into something you precious you can share with everyone.

I am planning to keep writing, and maybe even putting a band together, so bare with me and watch this space, because the show is still rolling.

Lots of love,


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  • heather (hickey Michaels)


    Love the new songs can’t wait to see you on the road you better be planning on doing shows in Manchester area or else lol 😘😘😘