Interview for Rock Cult Magazine


Q. When, how and why did you decide to become a tribute to Bon Jovi?

Throughout by singing career I’ve been in several bands, mostly originals, but in 2008 after the breaking up of one of my original bands I decided to make myself available as a singer for different projects. And I ended up singing for a Journey tribute band called Departure, all the musician  were very professional and very accurate, I was 23 and pretty new to the business, and I must admit that I that kinda liked the idea of impersonating someone else, not just covering the songs but studying a part and become that singer.
That band didn’t last very long, and Bon Giovi were looking for a new singer who was able to do the high notes at the time, so I gave it ago, they liked me straight away, and been here since. Jon has an very good range and a very strong present, to study his movements and performance wasn’t easy but there we are now, going to Russia.

Q.Tell us about your door to success.
I do what I do because I love it, and it makes me happy. Give people what they want and a little extra.

3. What separates Bon Jovi from other rock bands for you?
Bon Jovi is one of those rock bands that played and wrote anthems for more than 2 generations, it is totally mainstream. People easily relate to their songs. Most of them are about love, faith, hope and of course sex and rock n’roll. This is what people needed to hear back then and still need to hear  these days to get going in tough times. People need to be engaged somehow and to have fun, and to clap and to jump. Bon Jovi’ tunes and shows are crowd orientated, the crowd becomes the band, and I think this is what make bands like Bon Jovi memorable and successful..oh and I forgot Jon’s pretty face.

4. What’s your favorite Bon Jovi’s song and album to listen to?
This is difficult question, there are so many songs to choose from, I relly like a song called Everyday from the album Bounce, that’s because this is exactly how I feel right now, living  my life everyday, pretty straight forward with lots of ambitions. Another song that gives me goosbumps is Always, that’s because it is the song I did the last dance with my grandma with, before she passed away, and it the song that introduced me to Bon Jovi in the first place so, plus is one of the best rock ballad in the history or rock.


5. What are your favorite Bon Jovi’s songs to play?

another tough one…I like In These Arms because it is a true love songs, and the women’s response is just incredible everytime. But I also like It’s my life, because it is more of my generation and maybe even more popular than Prayer, so everyone sing along with it, it’s a big world wide killer.


6. What was your original intention? Were you trying to become as much like Bon Jovi as possible, or to present your own view of the original material?

The original intention was to replicate and impersonate Jon as it was in the early days, singing, jumping and having fun, most fans love the early days materials, and we try to bring that to life. We are still an tribute band and a bunch of guys having some fun on stage, so it is also good to bring some of our own personalities on stage. The idea is not to just play the sings like they should be played but to perform and to play the part like they used to, and the stage become playful and lively

7. Who is your audience?

All the Bon Jovi’s lovers of course, but it’s a high energy show suitable for every age, for anyone who wants to rock dance sing along, and party and have a good time.

8. What was the strangest band that you ever had to play with (or the strangest, event, gig, etc.)?

I got called in the night to do a recording for ITV  for a program called “Your face sounds familiar” I had to record the male backing vocal for “A Total eclipse of the heart” of Bonnie Tyler.

9. What do you think of all the “copycats who got the cream”? For example The Australian Pinkfloyd Show, etc?

For tribute bands, once that the covered act is not performing anymore such as pink floyd or Beatles, things are a bit easier. Bon Jovi is still touring around the world so for us is a bit different. The Aussie Floys, Ultimate Eagles in the UK, The Beatles Revivals in Poland, just to name a few are fantastic bands and they do their job really well, tribute is an art not a science, and when musicians put  true passion, dedication and attention to details  into the recipe each show becomes extraordinary.   Everytime we do a show, people come to us afterward for a chat and then give me pat on the back saying “Good Job man”, this is a what I call success really.


10. As far as we know, you are going to come to Russia this winter. What are your expectations?

Yes, and we are all very excited about it, it’s gonna be cold, but we are looking forward in meeting and rocking out our new russian friends. We are expecting a nice welcome and some cool big venues that will allow us to show off what this band can do. We have been performing in so many different countries, Emirates, Greece, Lithuania, The Netherlands …and now Russia, we can’t wait.